Poštovani Solid Edge korisnici:

Dostupna je nova zakrpa (Maintenance Pack – mp06) za Solid Edge ST9 koju možete naći na:



Upute za instalaciju:


Za instalaciju jednostavno pokrenite .exe file koji ste skinuli i nakon što program izračuna potreban prostor na disku kliknite Update.

• Zakrpe (Maintenance Pack) se instaliraju preko MSI (Microsoft Installer tehnologije) što znači ako želite određenu zakrpu deinstalirati i vratiti na stariju verziju zakrpe morate koristiti Control Panel.

• Zakrpe (MSI Product Updates) mogu se instalirati na osnovnu verziju softvera ili onu sa starijom verzijom zakrpe.

• MSI Product Updates sadrže sve popravke/poboljšanja i iz starijih verzija, što znači da popravci iz verzije zakrpe MP3 sadrži i sve popravke iz verzija MP1 i MP2.

• MSI Product Updates mogu se deinstalirati bez obzira na osnovnu instalaciju Solid Edge-a, ona može ostati instalirana.

• Deinstalacija MSI Product Update će vratiti instalaciju u stanje koje je bilo prije instalacije te zakrpe.

• MSI Product Updates se deinstaliraju preko Control Panel-a (Uninstall a program –> View installed updates -> Uninstall).


Ova zakrpa (Maintenance Pack) sadrži sljedeće popravke (Problem Report – PR):



PR 8324311: Exception when PatternOccurrence is selected

PR 7950084: UseGlobalBendRadius is not modifying the CF feature’s to use global bend radius

PR 7936594: A parts list update was incorrect if assembly loaded

PR 7962044: GetCharCurveCount API returned 0 curves for some characters

PR 7955506: Cannot Add SheetMetalGage Property through API

PR 7816060: Frequent crashing in JAsmTube::ImpIJAsmTube::SetMaterial

PR 7948804: Changing gage through API is not updating the bend radius values



PR 7812286: Custom part is added in standard part library but cannot call through Piping

PR 7918004: Solid Edge crashed while moving the part with copy option and tangent constraint

PR 7919175: Drag with copy option is working differently IPA’d -vs- Opened

PR 7898132: Case-specific crash when deleting a part from assembly

PR 7892218: Cannot change occurrence properties settings in this assembly

PR 7939113: RMB on pathfinder during edit in place of a feature doesn’t work

PR 7920864: Fixed a crash identified by auto crashlog capture

PR 7922996: Solid Edge is crashing after creating wire harness

PR 8528424: Solid Edge is crashing when reopening this assembly file

PR 7938545: MRU Thumbnail not show for alt assemblies

PR 7967585: Solid Edge keeps crashing randomly

PR 8327420: Crash when exiting sketch after placing a block

PR 7969451: Abort in relationship tree when selecting a certain relationship

PR 7972055: Solid Edge crashed when applied sensors – Win 10 specific

PR 8323188: Frequently crash working with Solid Edge



PR 7783355: Crash when updating views on a file with missing component

PR 7886994: DWG is not correctly translate with Solid Edge

PR 7908506: Can’t Attach/Detach radial dimensions using Alt + drag

PR 7920509: Breakline creation fails if keypoint is selected from previous region

PR 7918120: Aspect ratio of sheet changes as length exceeds 109.22 inch

PR 8324292: Dimension lines of Angular Dimensions are imported much too large

PR 7789711: Changing scale of view does not change scale of principal view with break lines

PR 7904338: Dimension style doesn’t preserve Annotation-connector line type

PR 7931370: Dimensions deleted when centerline is moved

PR 7946095: Windows re-indexes all items after installing SE

PR 7944009: SE crashes when moving an aligned and grouped drawing view.

PR 7958506: Balloons don’t update after changing item number via put_ItemNumber

PR 7928057: Dimensioning detail views

PR 7937124: Cannot get reference key for silhouette edges

PR 7945104: Column with multiple property texts is not sorting correctly

PR 7970209: ST8 draft file aborts when opened in ST9

PR 7945679: DV/PL do not go OOD when user adds/removes occ property overrides


===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 7926588: Solid Edge crashes after getting area of sketch

PR 7858006: Cutout will stop if dynamic preview is OFF

PR 7889432: Unable to Delete imported Wireframe without hiding first

PR 7901408: Link to material leads to a crash on update

PR 7920601: Variable values in ST9 Ft-In 0 is not there

PR 7868004: summary of atomic parts shows assemblies

PR 7928935: The Subject is not available in the tab Details of the properties on the OS

PR 7931593: Auto dimensions are getting marked as in error

PR 7940215: Tear-off command crashes Solid Edge

PR 7938629: Crash at ‘JMSetManager::AddToSubsetWithSameMpartOwner’

PR 7915615: Unable to select copied sketches with manipulation commands

PR 7916470: Drag and drop is not supported on simulation studies

PR 7929149: Performance time increase when applying material to a part

PR 7940333: Solid Edge crashes when sectioning the extrude feature

PR 7920410: Solid Edge crashes editing a component of an assembly

PR 7939535: Cannot flatten sheet metal of Part-Copy

PR 7945373: Normal Cutout Thru All gives failure warning even though it succeeds

PR 7904897: save file causes a ‘cannot access file’ message… 2 times out of 3 when saving to a server

PR 7913897: API Exception when hole collector will be selected instead hole features

PR 7908712: The shape of Flat Pattern is incorrect. Please correct in SE ST8 MP

PR 7959342: Flat Pattern will not be created correctly



PR 7858083: Incorrect behavior when user defined templates exceed sixteen files

PR 7892075: Creating new theme with commands in QAT results in slow sketch lines

PR 8313169: Path for ‘User templates’ does not update in ‘Fast property search’

PR 7892297: Cannot create the folder c:\Users\User B\Appdata\ when starting Solid Edge

PR 7939613: Custom program using SEDraftX.ocx results in blank buttons

PR 7913560: Solid Edge is crashing frequently…Crash logs for Dev Review

PR 7666914: Defining keyboard-shortcuts will mess up configuration

PR 7925373: Further File Open and File New performance improvements


===Design Manager===

PR 7849732: Design Manager tries to rename the folder path

PR 7940999: Design Manager duplicate file name error indication


===Built-in Data Management===

PR 7905132: Fast search, Search tool does not work if “Look in folder” use a mapped drive



PR 7928903: LCA Error Message with strange characters for checked out documents

PR 7882183: Parts not displayed when asm will be loaded as simplified and then as designed

PR 8325252: Parts not displayed when asm will be loaded as simplified and then as designed

PR 7886563: Released Documents can’t be moved back to available

PR 7870628: LCA’s apply status to linked documents option not using the options.xml.

PR 7939490: Property Manager removes all material definitions in French version

PR 7972514: Material change with Phys. Property Manager clears materials for parts


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 7930745: CPD column widths continually increase each time an upload/check-in is performed


===Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge===

PR 7884971: Create a draft from part while showing vertical prop window errors

PR 7915586: Custom Property in SEEC File Properties has limited string value

PR 7921892: Update of Property Text in SE Draft requires opening model file

PR 7926338: Modify value in CPD master=cad property does not change attribute in RAC

PR 7803149: Add to Teamcenter Interactive crashes when using the function “Find all related Drafts”

PR 7927588: Customer has some family of assemblies where the API to list properties in ST9 is very slow

PR 8326383: NULL value is not sync’ed with /master=cad

PR 7866423: Canceling the Login menu with custom template list active forces multiple cancel

PR 7875837: Add to Teamcenter crashes

PR 7891459: Problem with Attribute Mapping on SE Draft

PR 7916950: Add to Teamcenter Interactive does not accept ‘units’ in Density attribute

PR 7927661: German Callout for Filename is not working correctly

PR 7921740: Save As, if the project is cleared then cancelling project dialog re-populates

PR 7925504: Multiple crashes when editing blocks, crash occurs in EditBlockView

PR 7945874: Check In All cause BOM view crash

PR 7948241: Save As from SE Draft loses Material already assigned to original Part Rev

PR 7950067: Drawing views linked to SE Draft Dataset from same Item Rev

PR 7957318: Non-graphic Parts in SEEC and Teamcenter not working with ST9

PR 7958783: “Teamcenter has defined unique Item Numbers” due to Alt Pos Assy usage

PR 7966653: JT Part Properties are populated to Solid Edge Assembly Properties

PR 7977369: Copying a JT-component in SE Assembly does not trigger SEEC BOM

PR 7992576: Replace Part command is not working for JT-based Driven References



PR 7787919: Error of translating to IFC with enabled option ‘Export displayed only’

PR 7929985: ST9 can’t open STEP file

PR 7907191: When exporting draft files to AutoCAD, the unwanted line weight now shows up

PR 7915468: Getting Error “The migration has been terminated”

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