Poštovani Solid Edge korisnici:

Dostupna je nova zakrpa (Maintenance Pack – mp07) za Solid Edge ST9 koju možete naći na:



Upute za instalaciju:


Za instalaciju jednostavno pokrenite .exe file koji ste skinuli i nakon što program izračuna potreban prostor na disku kliknite Update.

• Zakrpe (Maintenance Pack) se instaliraju preko MSI (Microsoft Installer tehnologije) što znači ako želite određenu zakrpu deinstalirati i vratiti na stariju verziju zakrpe morate koristiti Control Panel.

• Zakrpe (MSI Product Updates) mogu se instalirati na osnovnu verziju softvera ili onu sa starijom verzijom zakrpe.

• MSI Product Updates sadrže sve popravke/poboljšanja i iz starijih verzija, što znači da popravci iz verzije zakrpe MP3 sadrži i sve popravke iz verzija MP1 i MP2.

• MSI Product Updates mogu se deinstalirati bez obzira na osnovnu instalaciju Solid Edge-a, ona može ostati instalirana.

• Deinstalacija MSI Product Update će vratiti instalaciju u stanje koje je bilo prije instalacije te zakrpe.

• MSI Product Updates se deinstaliraju preko Control Panel-a (Uninstall a program –> View installed updates -> Uninstall).


Ova zakrpa (Maintenance Pack) sadrži sljedeće popravke (Problem Report – PR):



PR 8815887: User is unable to apply exploded configuration through API

PR 8815859: User not able to get/set assembly occurrence style/facestyle via automation

PR 8007055: ImportStyles2 API errors when try to import text styles for par and psm file



PR 7587419: Crash when deleting or applying a display configuration

PR 7960971: Simple Fillet weld fails in ST9, works in ST8

PR 8816727: SE Crashes while replacing parts in a subassembly that we cannot grab write access to



PR 7921364: Performance regression updating views due to Parasolid

PR 8002331: Draft file goes into continuous processing trying to delete table

PR 8802422: Issue when transitioning to a draft document

PR 8804601: Solid Edge crash when opening a draft file since ST9MP5

PR 8805898: Crash when trying to create a block with table in block edit/open environment

PR 8812228: Wrong visualization when dragging (fast) the draft

PR 7977163: 2D Model View not placed at the lower left hand corner of the Draft She

PR 8815632: Dimensions lost after arranging

PR 8834164: Dimension Prefix: focus erases previous entry


===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 7939432: Decreasing Performance from ST7 to ST9

PR 8000330: Update to ST9 from ST5 – Many errors in parts after transition.

PR 8331522: Exporting DXF through workflows results in empty dxf

PR 8805044: Wrong mouse focus in “Material Table”, Face Style gets changed

PR 8000330: Update to ST9 from ST5 – Many errors in parts after transition. – V109

PR 8004081: Error “Design Body cannot be found” inserting part copy w/material duplicate on.

PR 8805393: Variable is not captured correctly when selected from the screen

PR 8815166: PMI does not work properly, cannot create driving tangential dimensions

PR 7964860: XpresRoute – tubes cannot be deleted

PR 8826705: Through next option in hole dialog should be disabled

PR 8807712: Hole missing in dxf after save as flat

PR 8818016: Reports give wrong values for Parts in a subassembly.

PR 8824475: Unable to edit sheet metal thickness if Enclosure feature created for model geom



PR 7872381: Solid Edge UI fails when a mobile phone is plugged into PC

PR 7939268: Properties in Win explorer will not be shown as was in ST8

PR 8808278: Options.xml, file naming rule will not revert to none


===Design Manager===

PR 8322507: Revising of an Assembly with Draft the draft skips the next revision


===Built-in Data Management===

PR 7958078: In built data management issue, not available in Foundation



PR 8328877: Parts not displayed when asm will be loaded as simplified and then as designed


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 8807966: Manual naming produces _1 at the end of file

PR 8833313: User is not able create revision for FOA


===Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge===

PR 7978442: Problem with multiple revisions using rules Lastest by creation date and Precise

PR 8817237: Draft Filename gets cryptic value on Revise

PR 7997393: Prop Seed values result in odd character displayed in properties dialog

PR 8334013: offer SE Draft template if empty item with BVR is open from TCRAC

PR 8334357: Wrong JTposition of assembly features after saving in ST9

PR 8818805: Replace Part with Copy from SE Asm loses Material from the original Part

PR 7938494: FOA custom property mapped master=both reverts to old value after save

PR 8806327: Mirror Component fails in SE Assembly – see error

PR 8817943: Problems with « New » shortcuts when logged in Teamcenter

PR 7969903: Edge.exe not releasing memory after repeated open/close of Assembly file

PR 8806327: Mirror Component fails in SE Assembly – see error

PR 8817943: Problems with « New » shortcuts when logged in Teamcenter

PR 8833954: Type ahead on Project ID dialog in the CPD changes name of project

PR 8828094: jt overrides not uploaded if 2 assemblies on CPD

PR 8818363: Take Ownership command disabled for top level Asm

PR 8828843: SESE crashes trying to change projects



PR 7959741: Dxf Out: Hatch within a trimmed (Spline) Section View will be exported untrimmed.

PR 7997794: DWG Import doesn’t create sheets and sheet geometry – AutoCAD Model is empty

PR 7847907: SW 2012 Data migration does not create associative drawing

PR 7911065: Solid Edge crashes when importing a Parasolid in assembly template


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